Frances Annie (Stewart) Couston, born 23rd. May 1905 26 Topping St. Blackpool, counties of Lancaster & Blackpool C.B.,  married Robert Junior Couston in Montreal 14th July 1934 and died Lachine Quebec 29th Nov. 1954.
A recent search of Canadian Passenger List, 1865 – 1935 shows a record for Annie Stewart, age 28 , arriving in Montreal on 20th Oct. 1907 along with Dorothy age 1 on the Vessel;  Lake Manitoba leaving from Liverpool, Eng. via Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Roll T-492 







Transcript of a letter received on 11th March 1998 from Kenneth Birch, Police Historian in Aberdyfi, Gwynedd:


Dear Miss Sullivan,

I am replying to your letter which you sent to the North Wales Police at Caernarfon which asked for information that related to the former police officer Ernie White.  Unfortunately most of the records for that period have been destroyed.  It is quite sad that so much information, so valuable to the historian is now lost.


However, I will keep your letter by me and it may yet be possible for some information to emerge.  One piece of information which might help you is the following.  For some years I lived in Caernarfon and knew a family there called White.  Since the name is not common in that area it was possible that this gentleman - Wilfred White might have been a relative.  Unfortunately he passed away about five years ago.  I would think he would have been about 75 years of age.  On my next visit to the town I will endeavour to find if my relatives are still living in the town.


Furthermore, there was also a bank manager living in the town by the name of White - Philips - possibly another connection - but he too is now dead.  I am sorry not to be of further assistance to you.  You may be interested to know that hopefully in 1999, a police museum will be opening in Caernarfon, opposite Caernarfon Castle.


With every good wish,

I remain

 Yours Sincerely,

Kenneth Birch

Police Historian