Attestation for Militia



I will scan and load a copy of this document in due time, but here's a breakdown of what is on Martin's record sheet:


Name: Martin Sullivan

In what Parish, and in, or near what Town, and in what County were you born? Parish of Tulla, in or near the town of Tulla, in the county of Clare.

Where do you now reside? In the Parish of Llaneblig in or near the town of Carnarvon in the county of Carnarvon.

Where have you resided for the last twelvemonth? In the parish of Llanbeblig in or near the town of Carnarvon in the county of Carnarvon.

What is your age? 39 years, 3 months.

What is your trade or calling? Musician.

Are you an apprentice? No.

In whose employ are you? Permanent Staff.

What is the name and residence of your former Master? Permanent Staff.

Are you single, married or a widower? Married.

How many children have you under 14 years of age? 3 - one male, 2 female.

Are you Ruptured or Lame, have you ever been subject to Fits, or have you any Disability or Disorder which impredes the free use of your limbs, or unfits you for ordinary labour? No.

Are you willing to be attested to serve as a Volunteer for the Militia for the county of Carnarvon for the Term of 5 years, provided Her Majesty should so long require your services? Yes.

Do you belong to, or have you been enrolled in or rejected by

a) The present or any other Corps of Militia - No.

or do you belong to

b) Her Majesty's Army - No.

c) The Marines - No

d) Ordnance - No

e) Navy? - No

f) The Indian Military Forces of Her Majesty? - No

g) The Army Reserve Force - No

h) The Naval Reserve - No

i) The Naval Coast Volunteers - No

Have you ever served in or been rejected by

a) The Army? - Yes, 21 years 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers

b) Marines? - No

c) Ordnance? - No

d) Navy - No

e) The Indian Military Forces of Her Majesty? - No

f) The Army Reserve Force? - No

Are you in receipt of a pension for any such Service? Yes

I Martin Sullivan do hereby declare the foregoing replies to be true.