William Sullivan was born in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland in 1878.  He joined the Royal Welch Fusiliers, 1st Battalion, 4016 CQMS.  He commanded the guard at the Investiture of Edward VIII as Prince of Wales in 1911.  He served in India.   Postcards still in the family  came from India with him.

William married Elizabeth Jones on the 19th December 1905 in Caernarfon. He was 27 years, she was 26.  At the time his rank was 'Sergeant Royal Welch Fusiliers' based at South Camp Aldershot.  Elizabeth's address was given as 13 Hill Street, Carnarvon.  By this time Martin had been deceased for 7 years, but Elizabeth's father, William Jones, was still living: occupation railway engine driver.  They were married at Saints Peter & Paul's Chapel, Carnarvon.



They had two daughters: Agnes (Aggie) Frances - also known as Margaret and Eileen.  They adopted a boy, Ernie, who died of meningitis aged about 11.

Aggie was so named after Will had seen the Taj Mahal in Agra and wanted to name his daughter after it.  It is said she hated the name!  She was a nurse in the North Staffs Royal Infirmary in Stoke on Trent until the retired and then she lived in Twthill Terrace, Caernarfon.  She didn't marry and died in Gelli Fair Nursing Home in Porthmadog, August 1984.  Cremated in Bangor.

Eileen married John Burton and went to live in Croydon, later 71 Rocks Park Road, Uckfield, East Sussex.  They had three sons: Michael - married to Margaret - who emigrated to Australia; Christopher (Kit), married with 2 children; Peter who married and has 2 sons.


William was killed in action at the Battle of Ypres, Flanders, Belgium on 30th October 1914.



Birth Certificate entry:

20th February 1878



son of Martin Sullivan, Wellington Place, Enniskillen (Private Soldier 23 Regiment) & Fanny Sullivan, formerly Williams

Mary Scott presided at birth Wellington Place, Enniskillen 18th March, 1878

Baptist Gamble Registrar